How do the Greats Fuel Their Business?

Why are these guys so special anyway?
Why are these guys so special anyway?

Is passion really the key to starting a business?  If you were to ask some of the REALLY successful people in history, I guessing they may all answer with a resounding, “Yes!”.  Surprisingly the question as to whether all of them are inspired by passion still remains a area of contention.  This can be especially confusing for the online marketer where profits lie in areas that may not align to your specific “passion” in life.

So what exactly is passion and how important is it when starting an online venture or any other business for that matter?

Why is Passion Important for Your Business?

Before we get into it’s importance in fueling your business, let’s take a bit to understand what actually Passion means.  In simple terms, Passion is the drive, aspiration and strong DESIRE for either what you do or whoever you serve. When it comes to starting up a venture, motivation is key and with passion, there is the much-needed inspiration to go about it.

With passion, your perception of things and in general the world is quite different from how others see it. Take the example of some of the most influential personalities like Steve Jobs for instance or Bill Gates. Even with wonderful ideas beaming within them, their innate desire to see them succeed made all the difference.

For every aspiring business owner or entrepreneur, pay close attention to your “aha” idea. Why? Your idea will allow you to spot a market gap and even better allow you to cause a disruption in an industry.

Passion stimulates confidence

When you have passion, you exude confidence; and this confidence not only establishes the value for you but also for others. How? Rather than showing the way, you lead the way yourself. If you are confident, you will be able to earn the confidence and respect of others which will lead them to believe in your idea.

Passion generates enthusiasm

It is almost impossible to give your best at something if you are not excited about it. If you are starting an online business, your excitement of the idea will create enthusiasm not only for you but for others who support your idea. Moreover, if you are starting it at home, excitement is what will inspire your eagerness to come out the closet and present your idea to the world.

It’s contagious

If you strongly believe in an idea, the deep conviction will not only spark the interest of other individuals but also inspire them to help you meet your objectives; which is vital to your success.

How to Bridge the Gap Between Passion and Success?

Passion is not sufficient enough to guarantee the success of an idea. With that, it is important to ensure that what you are passionate about is actually a viable business venture. So how do you establish this?

Ascertain that your idea satisfies a need

For an online business to be profitable, it must fulfill a particular demand. To come up with a profitable online venture out of what you love, identify what your target market actually needs and align your idea in a way that fills in this gap.

Ensure you have the necessary skills

Do you have what it takes to run an online business? To guarantee the success of your venture, ensure that you are well acquainted with the basics of the niche and if not, incorporate individuals who are experienced in it to ensure that you run it correctly.

When the Idea is Great But Your Not Passionate About the Area

In such an instance, retrace your step back to your “aha” moment. What inspired you to think in that direction? Your passion behind that idea may direct you to an area that you genuinely care about.

Is passion necessary before you begin a venture, definitely; if you have an idea of an online product or business which you wish to launch, go with what you are passionate about. Why? Because even when you experience rough patches or go wrong which is common in businesses, your passion will keep you glued to your vision.

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